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We’ve had our eye on recently-launched website for the last several days. A joint venture between Michigan auctioneers Scott Vander Kolk, Jr., and David Helmer, the site aims to promote the live auction industry through videos and blogs. We … Continue reading

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Auctions on Twitter were bound to happen

We frequently write about Twitter and its many benefits. We frequently visit our sister site at AuctioneerTweet to see what auctioneers are saying on Twitter. Today, however, we noticed something new. Actual items are now being sold on Twitter using … Continue reading

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Publications shouldn’t try to be auctioneers

There is a disturbing trend in the auction industry. The availability and ease of installation of inexpensive or open source scripts that turn any website into an auction site [read: eBay clone] have convinced some trade publications and newspapers to … Continue reading

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Dropbox synchronizes and shares files between computers

We realized recently that we’ve made a huge mistake by not adopting and advocating Dropbox long ago. Here’s how the service works. Install the client. You’ll find a “My Dropbox” directory in your documents folder, wherever that may be. Anything … Continue reading

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Acceptance of real-time Internet bids

Real-time Internet bidding is a process that allows an auctioneer to accept Internet bids during an auction. A bidder downloads client software, usually either Flash- or Java-based, and can hear the auctioneer and place bids until each individual item is … Continue reading

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