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Opera 10 module 9 error solved

Image via Wikipedia We love us some Opera. We’ve been advocating the Opera 10 web browser since the first alpha version was released last December. We even wrote about it in March. We’ve been faithfully using it through the beta … Continue reading

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Microsoft releases another emergency update

Image via CrunchBase Last October, we shot out a heads-up regarding an out-of-band update from Microsoft. An out-of-band update is one that is released outside of the patch Tuesday update schedule, the well-known pattern Microsoft has established for releasing updates … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer 8 officially released

Image via Wikipedia Microsoft officially released Internet Explorer 8 yesterday.The first Internet Explorer to pass the Acid 2 test, a test to verify that a browser renders web pages correctly, it boasts improved speed, better security and a few new … Continue reading

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Opera web browser version 10 alpha

Image via CrunchBase Newer, faster browser rendering engines are all the rage. Google released Chrome based on Webkit and V8; Firefox uses Gecko and is going to be using TraceMonkey for JavaScript. Apple made some noise a few weeks ago … Continue reading

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Windows 7 is a faster Vista

We got our hands on a copy of the public beta of Microsoft Windows 7, the planned successor to Windows Vista. From what we can see so far, it’s very fast on our test system, though we haven’t tested it … Continue reading

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