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Reading plain text email is safer and faster and preserves privacy

Image via Wikipedia We try to cover basic security best-practices as much as possible. We talked about the value of NoScript, a Firefox plugin that prevents JavaScript from loading on web pages unless specifically allowed by the user. Today, we’re … Continue reading

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Palm to release Pre on June 6

Image by renaissancechambara via Flickr We’ve mentioned sporadically that Palm would be releasing the closest thing we’ve seen to an iPhone killer in the last two years. We just didn’t know when it would happen, though we knew it would … Continue reading

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Click here, don’t break the back button

Veronica Belmont, geek goddess and co-host of the technology video podcast Tekzilla, started a new website called the Vintage Web. Listed on the site are examples of websites from days gone by, when designers were so excited to use the … Continue reading

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Opera web browser version 10 alpha

Image via CrunchBase Newer, faster browser rendering engines are all the rage. Google released Chrome based on Webkit and V8; Firefox uses Gecko and is going to be using TraceMonkey for JavaScript. Apple made some noise a few weeks ago … Continue reading

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Woopra analytics monitors website traffic in real time

Website analytics refers to the concept of tracking, measuring and analyzing the traffic to and away from a website. Google Analytics is the dominant player in this space, thanks to their purchase of market-leader Urchin several years ago. Google actually … Continue reading

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