Articles categorized as "services" enters Internet auction calendar fray

A new auction calendar,, offers social networking alongside auction calendar listings in hopes to build a community. Continue reading

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DNSCog reports on your website’s domain name servers

DNSCog is a new service that tells us everything we want to know about how our websites’ domain names are configured. Continue reading

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Digital payments and the payment revolution

Digital transactions are coming and they will make credit cards – and the auctioneers who only accept credit cards – obsolete. Continue reading

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Batchgeo maps your data

Geocoding is the process of turning a physical address into a location on a map. Using data sets to build customized maps is a powerful way to visualize addresses. Google Maps has long offered an API that allows developers to … Continue reading

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Subdomains and multiple web hosts

Aaron writes about subdomains, explaining how they work and how they can be used to properly brand multiple web hosts with the same domain. Included in this post is a real-world example of a website distributed among three web hosts that uses subdomains to create a seamless user experience on one website. Continue reading

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