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Auction Podcast Episode 15 – Interview with Kurt Aumann

Joining me today for the fourth in the Auctioneer Interview Series is my friend Kurt Aumann, CAI, ATS. Kurt is an auctioneer for Aumann Auctions from Nokomis, Illinois, and is currently the Vice Chairman of the National Auctioneers Association Education … Continue reading

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Auction Podcast milestone – 1000 listens

The Auction Podcast has reached its first milestone. We’ve recently rocketed past 1000 listens to the series. Indeed, according to WordPress plugin Podpress, each of the first five episodes has over 100 listens. When we first started the podcast, the … Continue reading

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Black Friday auction – holiday auctions unwise without Internet bidding

Seasonality is the curse of all auctioneers. Even auctioneers in roughly the same geographic area can have consistent yearly downturns during several months each year. The goal is to manage those downturns so that cash flow remains as steady as … Continue reading

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Auction Podcast Episode 6 – Internet bidding primer

In this episode, we’re going to cover the basics of Internet bidding including the different types of Internet bidding, or online bidding, and the different kinds of providers. There are three main types of Internet bidding. Some Internet bidding providers … Continue reading

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eBay eliminates checks and money orders, promotes PayPal

eBay recently announced that in late October it will be eliminating checks and money orders as valid payment options for eBay sales. Remaining valid payment methods are as follows. PayPal, owned by eBay ProPay, partnered with eBay Credit or debit … Continue reading

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