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Publications shouldn’t try to be auctioneers

There is a disturbing trend in the auction industry. The availability and ease of installation of inexpensive or open source scripts that turn any website into an auction site [read: eBay clone] have convinced some trade publications and newspapers to … Continue reading

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Dimdim is viable free WebEx or GoToMeeting alternative

Image via CrunchBase We recently had reason to search for an alternative to the overpriced [read: not free] web conferencing solutions such as WebEx and GoToMeeting. A quick Google search revealed a relatively new service that claims to be “the … Continue reading

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Wakoopa makes a game out of using software and web apps

Tech startup Wakoopa this week released some intriguing findings regarding software trends. They have relatively-real-time data on the usage of apps like Facebook, Outlook and Firefox, for example, throughout the day. They claim to have logged over 525 million hours … Continue reading

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Twitter clients

Image by Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten via Flickr It’s no secret that we’re enamored with Twitter. Our AuctioneerTweet site has over 45 auctioneers listed and it seems we’re continuing to add several each week as more and more auctioneers join … Continue reading

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AuctioneerTech launches AuctioneerTweet, gets scooped

Image via CrunchBase As an effort to build and grow the community of auctioneers using Twitter, we launched a new website yesterday called AuctioneerTweet at – where else – The concept is simple. Any auctioneer with a Twitter account … Continue reading

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