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Black Friday auction – holiday auctions unwise without Internet bidding

Seasonality is the curse of all auctioneers. Even auctioneers in roughly the same geographic area can have consistent yearly downturns during several months each year. The goal is to manage those downturns so that cash flow remains as steady as … Continue reading

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Additional RFP points

Rob Spectre left the following as a comment to yesterday’s article on the example RFP. It’s so good it deserves its own post. You can view his Gonzo blog at 1) Require a submitted portfolio with references. Five sites … Continue reading

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Example RFP for new or redesigned website

I’ve spoken with many auctioneers recently who are at the beginning stages of a new technology project, usually a website redesign or new build of some kind. The questions everyone asks mostly revolve around the expectations they should have of … Continue reading

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W3 Schools provides quick and dirty programming education for free

I have a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Kansas State University. I have found myself filling the role of VP Technology for an auction firm. Having never taken a course in anything relating to computers since “keyboarding” during my … Continue reading

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New resources list aggregates auction products and services

It’s time for a little housekeeping. In case you didn’t notice, the new resources page was published a few days ago. Its goal is to list various offerings from various companies and vendors serving the auction industry. If you don’t … Continue reading

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