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Windows Reliability and Performance Monitor and Resource Monitor

Windows has a very useful tool to monitor the programs and services that are utilizing system resources. In Windows Vista, this tool is the Reliability and Performance Monitor, shown here. In Windows 7, the tool has been upgraded and is … Continue reading

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Linux and Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

Tomorrow marks the release of a new version of Ubuntu Linux, version 9.10 called Karmic Koala. This is your AuctioneerTech guide to what Linux is and why it’s more relevant today than ever before. Operating system An operating system exists … Continue reading

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Your website is more important than social networking

Social networking is one of many buzzwords that has recently risen to fad proportions. It seems that any time the subject of marketing arises, the topic quickly turns to importance of social networking. The power of social networking lies in … Continue reading

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Live blogging the Kansas Auctioneers Association bid-call contest

Last year’s live blog from the Kansas State Fair worked, but we tried to go completely live using last August for the regional competition. We weren’t impressed, mainly because it required Flash. This year, we’re going to try for … Continue reading

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Strengths of Internet bidding

Internet auctions have powerful advantages over live events. Trying to simulate live auctions on the Internet gives up those advantages and introduces the same limitations of live auctions. Continue reading

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