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The end of the sitemap as we know it

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series All things must end

Back in the days of the FAQ and the image map (remember when you would hover your mouse over a picture and different parts of the graphic would link to different pages?), web designers used a website element known as … Continue reading

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Your website is more important than social networking

Social networking is one of many buzzwords that has recently risen to fad proportions. It seems that any time the subject of marketing arises, the topic quickly turns to importance of social networking. The power of social networking lies in … Continue reading

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Bidding histories develop bidder trust

Last week’s post dealt with grokking that there is no functional difference between a minimum or starting bid and a reserve on an item. A post last month pointed out that it’s bad to try to be sneaky when protecting … Continue reading

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Amazon fail

Recent website design work has caused us to do some research into the current design techniques and trends among website authors regarding web stanards. We looked into the definitive guide on the subject, Jeffrey Zeldman‘s Designing with Web Standards, and … Continue reading

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Proxibid announces redesigned homepage, timeline for embedded bidding

Following last month’s announcement of an upcoming embedded bidding solution, Proxibid today announces that auctioneers can begin reserving this solution in mid-September. Also announced today is the preview of the new layout of the Proxibid website which looks like it … Continue reading

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