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Auction item categories add complexity, reduce viewing

How do you categorize items in your auctions? Item categorization is an important, though often overlooked and undervalued, part of a marketing strategy. With Internet bidding providers and auction calendars allowing auctioneers to place items in customized categories – and … Continue reading

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The end of the FAQ

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series All things must end

We’ve all seen websites that list frequently asked questions, or FAQ. Continuing in our series All Things Must End, we’re going to show that FAQ are training wheels from when the web was new and have no place on modern … Continue reading

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Click here, don’t break the back button

Veronica Belmont, geek goddess and co-host of the technology video podcast Tekzilla, started a new website called the Vintage Web. Listed on the site are examples of websites from days gone by, when designers were so excited to use the … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer 8 officially released

Image via Wikipedia Microsoft officially released Internet Explorer 8 yesterday.The first Internet Explorer to pass the Acid 2 test, a test to verify that a browser renders web pages correctly, it boasts improved speed, better security and a few new … Continue reading

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Corporate websites

One of the users we follow on Twitter recently posted this amazing article about company website design. Some of the highlights: Social networking is about people engaging with people. Individuals do not want to build relationships with brands and corporations. … Continue reading

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