Amazon fail

Web standards fail

Web standards fail

Recent website design work has caused us to do some research into the current design techniques and trends among website authors regarding web stanards. We looked into the definitive guide on the subject, Jeffrey Zeldman‘s Designing with Web Standards, and were excited to find that a third edition is coming this year. While imagining how it would soon sit on the shelf next to the well-read first and second editions, we saw that Amazon had a graphic inviting us to preview part of the book. Click to LOOK INSIDE! it invited.

Shown to the right is the result of clicking to look inside. It shows what happens when you try to deliver content in something other than an open and, dare we say, web-standard method.

Your web browser does not support this feature. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for a list of compatible web browsers that support the Amazon Online Reader.

It’ll be a great book. For those curious readers who don’t have one of the previous editions, they’ll have to use a compatible browser to view the preview. It’s too bad that Amazon can’t figure out how to deliver content to everyone. Perhaps their designers might do well to actually read some of the books they’re selling.

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