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The auction convention automotive tent

Associations should ask members with experience as mechanics to donate their time to help anyone with automotive problems. Continue reading

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Fractured: Social networks should only provide interface to underlying public data

I love Google+. I’ve been on it for 24 hours now, thanks to my friend John Schultz, and I can safely say it takes the best of what Facebook stole from Twitter and wraps it up in a clean and … Continue reading

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LikeBids launches today, offers chance to win items by tweeting and liking

I wrote about LikeBids a couple weeks go before I really knew what it was. It was speculated to be an auction-style site where users could bid on real items by performing actions within their social graphs. It looks like … Continue reading

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Twitter to Facebook

Hook Twitter to Facebook so you can update your Facebook status without logging in. Continue reading

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Evernote turns your handwritten notes and receipts into searchable database

Evernote makes it easy to upload pictures of your handwritten notes and receipts to easily find them later from any device. Continue reading

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