LikeBids launches today, offers chance to win items by tweeting and liking

I wrote about LikeBids a couple weeks go before I really knew what it was. It was speculated to be an auction-style site where users could bid on real items by performing actions within their social graphs. It looks like that prediction was pretty close, yet not quite accurate. It seems that one’s ability to win is related less to one’s own actions and more on the subsequent actions of the social graph. Here’s their promo video from

Sounds interesting. I’m looking forward to trying it out. Here’s the presser.

First Social Auction Website Makes Popularity Profitable Announces “You Feeling Lucky, Punk?” St. Patrick’s Day Launch

New York. New York, February 26, 2011 – The first social media auction website,, announces “You Feeling Lucky, Punk?” launch event to be held on March 17, 2011 to mark the release of the beta version of the site. It will be the first day users will be able to log on to compete for prizes by sharing custom auction links to earn bid collateral through “likes” and “tweets.” is the first social media auction website, that allows users to win the products they love by promoting them to their friends via social media networks. By providing users a unique gaming experience, the chance to win prizes just by telling their friends about them, has replaced currency with social media collateral with “likes” and “tweets.”

For participating product companies, creates the missing bridge between e-commerce and social media marketing: providing a powerful incentive to get social media users actively promoting brands. offers product companies exponential exposure, and the chance to remove the limitations in reach social media marketing currently contain. is not creating another social media marketing forum : it is the engine that will drive business through the social media channels. offers product companies exponential exposure, and the unique opportunity to make the “friends” of their brand their own social media marketing team,” said co-founder Jennifer Cannavo Calise. “Yet at the same time, we are constantly rewarding users for their active participation by offering free prizes and discounts.”

Founded in 2010, is the first social auction website that allows users to win prizes completely free just for promoting a product auction link. was founded to give all social media network users the opportunity to win the prizes they may not be able to purchase. By actively involving the users in promoting brands, removes the annoyance of advertising, and empowers users to be rewarded for actively participating in increasing brand awareness. Although only one winner will emerge to win the prize, offers all participates a discount code (when a minimum share quota is reached) to help everyone afford what they want most!


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