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ShowMyPC provides free and easy remote support and collaboration

As a provider of tech support to users who are many miles away, one of the most valuable tools in the box is remote access. The ability to control the computer of a remote user to walk him through software … Continue reading

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Ustream provides easy, free live video streaming on any website

Image by stevegarfield via Flickr Imagine being able to easily stream live video of your events. Imagine being able to embed that video on your website along with an optional chat window. What would such a system be worth to … Continue reading

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Google AdWords provides targeted audience exposure

Google is a mammoth company, slowly weaving its way into every corner of the Internet by offering free services that are better than the competing for-pay services. The development of these free services is not cheap, especially when Google allegedly … Continue reading

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New resources list aggregates auction products and services

It’s time for a little housekeeping. In case you didn’t notice, the new resources page was published a few days ago. Its goal is to list various offerings from various companies and vendors serving the auction industry. If you don’t … Continue reading

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OpenDNS makes Internet faster, safer and cleaner

Over the last several months, there have been many security bulletins about the vulnerabilities found in one of the fundamental technologies that makes the web work called DNS. DNS stands for domain name system. It’s a fairly complex system, but … Continue reading

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