Proxibid announces redesigned homepage, timeline for embedded bidding


Proxibid's new website, launch expected in mid-September

Following last month’s announcement of an upcoming embedded bidding solution, Proxibid today announces that auctioneers can begin reserving this solution in mid-September. Also announced today is the preview of the new layout of the Proxibid website which looks like it sports a much cleaner appearance. Gone are the borders and tables, the auction calendar has been moved off of the front page, and a prominant graphic greets the user advocating different types of auctions.

Also in the press release are example screenshots of the upcoming embedded bidding solution. The example given is on the Miedema Auctioneering and Appraisals website and it appears to be a very seamless integration. You can view the screenshots.

Here’s the release.

As you already know, in just a few short weeks, auctioneers will have access to the auction industry’s most powerful embedded solution. Proxibid’s embedded solution will allow bidders to create an account, register to bid, launch the online bidding application and place bids through the auction catalog without leaving the auctioneer’s Web site. Our embedded solution will fit seamlessly into the auctioneer’s Web site, ensuring bidders have access to a full-service online auction experience. Auctioneers can begin reserving their embedded solutions in mid-September.

Because we’re full of surprises, we have another special announcement. In addition to the launch of our embedded solution, Proxibid’s Web site is soon to have a new look and feel. Our new Web site design will feature enhanced navigation and a much cleaner, faster-loading homepage. Advertising will move off the homepage and will be located on category-specific landing pages, providing auctioneers the opportunity to market directly to a captive audience, and enabling bidders to go right to the content in which they are most interested! While the Web site will have a new look and feel, the core of the site will remain familiar to the user, ensuring a smooth transition for everyone. Watch for Proxibid’s new and improved Web site design to make its debut in mid-September.

To see examples of the embedded solution and the new homepage, please visit .

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