Auction Flex launches new blog

Brandon Harker from Auction Flex was a guest on Auction Podcast Episode 9. Auction Flex has just launched a new blog and Brandon has written a great article about the importance of clerking auctions. He gives some great tips for using bidder numbers that have the same number of digits. Here’s a sample from the much longer article.

Auction Flex

Auction Flex launches new blog

This helps because the clerk knows that every bidder number should be three digits. If the clerk mis-hears bidder number 23 they automatically know there is no bidder number 23 and they can ask the auctioneer to repeat the number.

We’ve known this for a while. Legacy permanent numbers are intended to make customers feel welcome and instead add to confusion that ends up costing their time and our time, not to mention making other customers feel unwelcome.

We look forward to keeping an eye on the Auction Flex Blog, which you can visit at

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