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Sending plain text email is better for users and branding

One of the most important and valuable marketing opportunities for any company is management of proper email campaigns. We’ve covered bulk email management and discussed how and when to capture email addresses from current and prospective customers. Following last month’s … Continue reading

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Reading plain text email is safer and faster and preserves privacy

Image via Wikipedia We try to cover basic security best-practices as much as possible. We talked about the value of NoScript, a Firefox plugin that prevents JavaScript from loading on web pages unless specifically allowed by the user. Today, we’re … Continue reading

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Click here, don’t break the back button

Veronica Belmont, geek goddess and co-host of the technology video podcast Tekzilla, started a new website called the Vintage Web. Listed on the site are examples of websites from days gone by, when designers were so excited to use the … Continue reading

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