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Skybook Facebook client for Windows Mobile

Even though our enjoyment of Twitter has caused Facebook to go the way of MySpace for us at AuctioneerTech – something checked infrequently, usually at the behest of the automated emails sent any time something happens – we still recognize … Continue reading

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Corporate websites

One of the users we follow on Twitter recently posted this amazing article about company website design. Some of the highlights: Social networking is about people engaging with people. Individuals do not want to build relationships with brands and corporations. … Continue reading

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Vote for the Crunchies

Image by magerleagues via Flickr No, we’re not talking about breakfast cereal. The Crunchies 2008 is a set of awards given to the top technology companies, products and ideas in a given year. The awards are sponsored by GigaOm, VentureBeat, … Continue reading

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Twitter keeps friends and followers up to date

Twitter is a popular social network that can be called micro-blogging. Think of it as a way to post updates about what you’re doing. These updates can be sent by text message to update your status on twitter.com. Through the … Continue reading

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